How to record IPTV for Android, Windows, MacOS and Firestick (2021)

How to record IPTV, in other words, this guide will help you step by step through the process of recording IPTV streams while streaming IPTV using Android Devices, Windows, macOS, or Amazon Firestick.


Replacing your cable and satellite tv with an IPTV Service is becoming the most popular worldwide. It also saves your money more.

how to record iptv

*For Android devices,

you need an Android TV Box for streaming IPTV. There are plenty of tv boxes available for Android and from them, very few are the best and reliable. TiviMate and Nvidia Shield are the best of them. 


*For Windows,

VLC Media Player is the best media player and quite easy to record any video stream.


*For macOS,

I will prefer VLC Media Player again as Windows and macOS are quite similar.


*For Amazon Firestick,

the process will be the same as Android devices. But the limited 8GB internal storage can become an issue for recording files and storing files respectively.

The main thing is, your device must be capable of storing long video files for working smoothly and well. And if you wish to watch an IPTV channel at the same time while recording, make sure to take IPTV Service with “2 connections” from your IPTV provider. Because one connection will be used for recording and the other one will be used for viewing the channel to you.


For Android and Amazon Firestick

The following video will teach you how you can record IPTV on an Android device and Firestick. In this tutorial, I’m using Amazon Firestick 4K, TiviMate IPTV Player, and an IPTV Service.

How to record IPTV for any possible device watch this video carefully:

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For Windows and macOS

  1. Open your VLC Media Player and load the M3U file on it or select Media that’s on the Main Menu and then open Network System for opening your IPTV Streams. For recording please select “Playback” that’s on the main menu and then click on the “Record” option.
  2. When you have done your recording, go to Playback and then click on Record. That’s it.
  1. Remember VLC doesn’t show any indication that it’s recording but, You will find the recording on the Windows Explorer then go to the Videos folder, you will find a newly created file named vlc-record-date-time-channel_name.mp4
  1. If you want to record a lot, select View and then Advanced Controls
  2. This will show a “record” button right on the Control Bar that you can use instead of Playback>Record

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