Apollo Group TV IPTV Review (Authentic or SCAM?)

In the market of IPTV, a few providers stand out. Apollo Group IPTV is one of the most well-known IPTV services out of them. But Apollo Group TV has garnered a questionable reputation over the last couple of years. 

Let’s dive into the truth of whether Apollo Group TV is an authentic top IPTV service or is it a scam! In today’s article, we’ll discuss their notable features, price, customer reviews, reputation, authenticity, and overall reliability. So, keep reading to learn more! 

Apollo Group TV Overview: 

Apollo Group TV is a widely used IPTV service trusted by many households. Apollo is one of the better IPTV services for devices such as Firestick. Its extensive content library paired with ultra HD picture quality sets it apart from other IPTV services. 

However, there are some major drawbacks of Apollo Group TV. Even though they have a large user base, they still fail to ensure customer satisfaction. Their service isn’t consistent and the price plans are not as affordable for an un-verified IPTV service. 

But, with maximum compatibility, a large number of VODs and live channels, and a few other enticing features, they’re still one of the top IPTV services in the market. We’ll dive deeper into their features and prices in the section below. 

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Apollo Group TV IPTV- Features and Prices: 

To be a top IPTV service in the current IPTV market, you must offer some of the best features! As IPTV is aimed to be a cable TV replacement, the collection of live channels, TV shows, and movies should be extensive! 

With that comes other features designed to make VOD and live channel viewing as comfortable as possible. Next is price. As a top IPTV service, you’d want to ensure your customers are getting the best value for money. 

So, let’s have a deeper look at which features Apollo Group TV offers along with their price plans. We can then make a judgment of how fair their structure is! 


  • 1000+ Live HD channels 
  • 5000+ Premium VODs (movies and TV shows) 
  • HD and 4k picture qualities 
  • Content in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Arabic, etc.) 
  • Categorized content library 
  • Payment through credit card and crypto 
  • Dedicated IPTV application 
  • M3U and EPG services
  • Customer support through mail and discord 

Price and Plans: 

  • 30 Day Pack– $24.99 
  • 90 Day Pack– $51.99 
  • 180 Day Pack– $89.99 
  • 365 Day Pack– $159.99

Thoughts (Price & Features):

The prices of Apollo Group TV are much higher compared to most top IPTV services in the market. $159.99/1 year isn’t nearly as affordable for most general consumers. Their monthly pack costs almost $25 but you can get many other reliable IPTV services with a much cheaper monthly pack. Considering these points, their pricing system isn’t on par with the top IPTV services in the market. 

In terms of their features, Apollo Group TV provides all the top features you’d find in a premium IPTV service. Even though on paper these features are great, the reliability can’t be fully trusted. 

Apollo Group TV Pricing

Apollo Group TV- Customer Reviews: 

Even though Apollo Group TV has a large user base, most customers have come out with various complaints regarding their service. Apollo Group TV has always had a reputation for being inconsistent with their product. Constant buffering is the most re-occurring issue of Apollo.

Slow loading speed, bad connection, unavailability of content, the sudden disappearance of categories, and many more issues are often reported by many customers. While surfing the web and specifically Reddit, we found people complaining about their customer service making excuses instead of assisting. 

Some have even reported being scammed by Apollo Group TV. While this can’t be verified, illegal IPTV services are known to have bad reputations. Another big problem many users express dissatisfaction with is the cost. Apollo Group TV is a lot pricier than most top IPTV services in the market. 

Apollo Group TV- Website Domain Issues:

Hundreds of complaints can be found on Reddit and Quora regarding fake clones of Apollo Group TV. Almost all successful IPTV services have been cloned. These clones use the alias of a reputed IPTV service to clone customers. 

Apollo Group TV’s official website is with a “.com” instead of “tv.tv”. The 2nd site is a complete scam website and a quick search on the web will show you hundreds of victims of this scam. Hence, be very careful while subscribing to Apollo. Look out for the feature image we used to be sure. 

Apollo Group TV- Pros: 

While Apollo has garnered a negative impression over the years, there are a few things we must appreciate. Firstly, their content catalog is large and usually up to date. This means every major TV show or movie will be available on their site minutes after release. 

Apollo also tries to resolve most issues reported by customers as long as they’re able to fix them. When server problems arise, Apollo makes sure to inform the customers.  

And lastly, Apollo has many loyal customers that have said many great things about their service. Especially people with Firestick or other IPTV players have preferred Apollo Group TV over most other IPTV services. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Lastly, some frequently asked questions to finish up today’s article: 

What Type of IPTV Service is Apollo Group TV? 

Apollo Group TV is an unverified IPTV service. Their service consists of many unlicensed movies and TV shows, which makes Apollo Group TV an unverified IPTV service.

Is Apollo Group TV IPTV VPN Friendly?

Yes, Apollo Group TV IPTV is VPN-friendly. As their service is mainly an unverified IPTV service, using a VPN service is always the most secure way of approaching it.

Does Apollo Group TV IPTV Have Any Apps?

Yes. Apollo Group TV has its own IPTV app. You can find Apollo’s official app on their official website. 


Apollo Group IPTV is a well-known and successful IPTV service. While they offer most of the top IPTV features, they’re not completely perfect. Apollo Group IPTV has several flaws, but its biggest lack is in customer satisfaction. 

At the same time, many have come out claiming Apollo is one of the best IPTV services in the market. Whether that’s true or not, Apollo Group TV remains one of the top IPTV services. Thank you for reading.

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