How To Install Ckaytv on Firestick In 2023

CKayTV is an IPTV app for Android and Amazon Firestick devices. It will allow you to stream any content (free videos) directly on your device. You can watch Live TV, TV shows, music, and video on demand (VOD) respectively. This guide is about the procedures of how can we Install Ckaytv on Firestick.

As CKayTV streams free content, it is officially not available on Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. So, you have to use the third-party application to stream it on Firestick.

CkayTV App Features:

  • Check live programs
  • Explore different channels
  • 1000 TV Channels
  • Choose from many categories
  • Electronic Programming Guide (EPG)
  • Watch numerous television shows
  • Enjoy Live TV on any device
  • Access to international TV channels
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems
  • Comes with IPTV Technology
  • Cutting-edge streaming service
  • Offers a vast list of movies
  • Capable of WiFi Multi-casting
  • DVR Feature for any channel
  • Excellent categorizing of shows and movies
  • Vibration notification feature
  • Cloud DVR
  • Replay TV

How do I download and install CKayTV on Amazon Firestick?

As I mentioned above, CKayTV is officially not available on Google Play Store and Amazon App Store, you need a third-party application for that to download the APK File from the CKayTV website.

That’s how you can install CKayTV on your Amazon Firestick. Before you install any third-party apps on your Amazon Firestick, you need to follow some procedures. That’s how your Firestick allows any kind of third-party apps. Follow the below steps to do it:

Step-1: Open Settings on your Firestick.

Settings on your Firestick
Settings on your Firestick

Step-2: Now you will see many options click on “My Fire TV”.

click on “My Fire TV”
click on “My Fire TV”

Step-3: After that, click on “Developer Options”.

click on “Developer Options”
click on “Developer Options”

Step-4: Then click on “Apps from Unknown Sources”.

click on “Apps from Unknown Sources”
click on “Apps from Unknown Sources”

Step-5: Now Click “Turn On”.

Click “Turn On”
Click “Turn On”

After finishing this process you have to do the below steps for installing CKayTV for your Amazon Firestick.

Step-6: Now enter the URL “” and click on the Go option.

click on the Go option
click on the Go option

Step-7: After that, The official page of CKayTV will open. On that page, you will find the link to download the APK File click on the Download option.

Step-8: After that, the app will start downloading.

app will start downloading
the app will start downloading

Step-9: After finishing the download, the application will automatically move to the installation page.

move to the installation page
move to the installation page

Step-10: Now click on install.

click on install
click on install

Step-11: This will take some time to install. After complete installation click on “Open”.

Frequently Asked Questions for [Ckaytv on Firestick]

Q: Is the CkayTV app legal?

A: Of course, The CkayTV app is legal for use.

Q: Does the CkayTV app require any payment?

A: Never! It does not require any form of payment.

Q: Does the CkayTV app require an account to use it?

A: Yes. You have to register to access its features.

Q: What is the minimum operating system that CkayTV requires?

A: The CkayTV app works with Android 4.0 and beyond.

Q: Are there ads while using the app?

A: There are no ad reports since the appearance of the app.


These are the steps for downloading and installing CKayTV for Amazon Firestick. With that, you will be able to stream anything you want and also watch videos and movies for free. The installation procedures are quite simple and easy. You can use the same procedure for other applications that are not available on Amazon App Store. So download and install CKayTV on your Firestick and enjoy your pastimes fully.

Thanks for your time in reading this article. I hope this article was easy for you to understand and also helpful as well.

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