How to Add and Watch IPTV on Plex (2024 GUIDE!)

Plex TV is an all-access media hub where you can watch live TV and stream movies and TV shows completely for free with the help of ads. You can also use Plex to store personal media! The only downside to Plex TV is its limited media content. 

A way around this is to pair your IPTV service with Plex. This way, you can enjoy most of the live TV and shows from your IPTV on Plex. Keep reading to learn how to add and watch IPTV on Plex! 

How to Add and Watch IPTV on Plex: 

Adding IPTV on Plex can seem quite complicated at first, but it’s quite easy if you follow all the steps carefully. Follow our guide down below:

What you’ll need:

  • A free Plex TV account 
  • Plex Pass Subscription 
  • The Plex Media Server download on your PC
  • xTeVe 
  • M3U and EPG URL (provided by your IPTV provider)
  • Roku 

The process:

Step 1: Download Plex Media Server on your PC- 

Select “Plex media server”

Select “operating system”

To start, open a free Plex TV account and download the Plex media server to your computer. By default, “apps and devices” may be selected. Select “Plex Media Server, ” then select the operating system your computer system is running on and start the download. Lastly, be sure to have a premium Plex Pass subscription!

Step 2: Download xTeVe on your PC- 

Next, download “xTeVe proxy” on your computer. This little tool helps your IPTV media talk to the Plex media server, which you can stream. Please be advised that you must have an M3U and XMLTV code to proceed in the process. 

Step 3: Run xTeVe and Enter the Web Interface-

Once xTeVe finishes downloading, unzip the zipped installation file. From here, run the xTeVe application and copy the “web interface”. Next, go to your browser>paste the web interface address>click on search. This should bring you to a configuration screen. 

Step 4: Select the Tuner Amount and EPG Source- 

Tuner Selection Tab

EPG Sorce Tab

On the configuration tab, first, select the available tuners. Select a single tuner account if you don’t have a multiple tuner account. Next, on the “selection of EPG source”, select “XEPG” and hit next.  

Step 5: Enter M3U URL- 


Copy the M3U URL provided by your IPTV service provider, paste it into the empty “M3U URL” box, and select next. A pop-up should come up titled “xTeVe was successfully set up.” 


Plex only has a 480-channel limit. If your IPTV service exceeds that channel amount, it may not work, or a handful of the channels may not appear. Another area for improvement is mapping. The software may need help with mapping the channels properly. In the next steps, we’ll discuss the way around this issue. 

Step 6: Map the Channel List Using XMLTV URL-

XMLTV File Tab

To help xTeVe map and link the channels properly, delete the recently added M3U playlist and copy the XMLTV EPG URL provided by your IPTV service provider. Paste it in the empty XMLTV box, name the file, and select save. 

Step 7: Add the M3U URL Again to link All the IPTV Channels-

Now, copy the M3U URL provided to you one more time and paste it into the playlist tab. Next, go to the “Mapping” tab, and all your IPTV channels should be loaded in and mapped out perfectly. You may notice some channels tagged red and some tagged green. The channels tagged red will not work in your Plex server. 

Step 8: Copy the DVR IP in Your Plex Server- 


DVR IP Inserted 

You should notice “DVR IP” on the top side of the xTeVe. Copy the DVR IP address and open the Plex server from your system tray. Go to the “live TV and DVR” tab and select “Set up Plex DVR”. 

Under “HDHOMERUN Device Adress”, paste the “DVR IP” and hit connect. Now, click on “Continue”. 

Step 9: Set Up the XMLTV Guide- 

Locator Tab


From our previous step, you should be brought to a new tab asking for a postal code. Ignore that and click on “Have an XMLTV guide on your server? Click here to use that instead”. Now, go back to xTeVe and copy the XPEG URL. Next, paste it under “XMLTV Guide” and hit continue to start the DVR setup. 

Step 10: Let the DVR Setup finish- 

DVR Setting up 

Now, hit continue again and let the download finish. Once the download finishes, all the channels will load automatically, and you’ll be able to stream them! 

Step 11: Optimize the Viewing Experience-

Using your Windows media player, you can now view IPTV on the Plex server. But, for an optimized viewing experience, you can use IPTV players such as Roku. Regarding IPTV on Plex, Roku is often the most trusted and preferred. 

Is IPTV on Plex Safe to Use? 

Yes, IPTV on Plex is safe to use; however, some security considerations exist. While most IPTV players and media servers, such as Plex, are completely legal and safe to use, many IPTV services aren’t. 

If your IPTV service provider isn’t verified, the risk of it being a threat is evident. For this reason, using a good VPN while using unverified IPTV services is always safer. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

To round up today’s topic, here are some frequently asked questions: 

Can I Watch IPTV on Multiple Devices Using Plex?

The Plex media server allows users to view IPTV on multiple devices on the same home network.

How Can I Explore IPTV Channels on Plex?

Exploring the channels is quite straightforward if you have IPTV properly loaded in your Plex account. Go to the channel selector section and scroll through all available IPTV media content.

Is IPTV on Plex Ad Free?

Yes, while most media, including channels and VODs on Plex, are not ad-free, Plex does allow users to watch their subscribed IPTV content completely ad-free on the Plex server.


Plex is one of the most well-known free online TV applications. However, their content library is limited, including their live TV selection. While they offer the most available content worldwide, some channels and content are region-based. 

IPTV can make your life a lot easier in this case. Adding IPTV on your Plex server lets you have all your favourite channels and other media content in one hub! And we hope our article helps you do that. Thank you for reading.

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