IPTV Reseller Club: Best IPTV Reseller Panel Provider 2023

Getting involved in the IPTV reselling business would be a very wise decision in this current situation as the IPTV Reseller business is growing in an enormous way day by day. The fun fact is more than 80 million people all over the world are using IPTV services.

First, let’s give you some authentic information about the IPTV Reseller business. As IPTV takes Internet TV, Satellite, and Cable TV to the next level, the market value of IPTV has grown 3.5x more in the past 5 years. Starting from enjoying the best IPTV Service Provider by buying it to reselling IPTV Business start Services! Everything is possible on IPTV as IPTV offers and provides you with everything.

According to research by Zion Market Research IPTV grew at a compound annual growth rate of about 18.01% to make $93.59 billion by 2023 from about $34.67 billion in 2015.

Another research by Transparency Market Research says that the revenue would reach $79.38 billion in 2020 while growing at a solid “CAGR” of 18.1% in comparison with $24.94 billion in 2013. So you can imagine how fast IPTV grew in the past 5-6 years.

However, the main thing is you need a main Premium IPTV Service Provider for reselling purposes. But don’t worry about it. I’m suggesting you a site that’s only a reseller, not a service provider. Does it sound good? I think it’s a great thing for the one who wants to start an IPTV reseller Panel business. If you go for a Service Provider for reseller purposes, you often would not get a quick response from them because of other clients who are taking IPTV Services from them.

So it’s better to go directly to a reseller panel provider who’s the only reseller, not a service provider. Here I can suggest you go for IPTVResellerClub.Com as they are only a reseller, not a service provider.

According to Binge, they are the best IPTV Reseller Panel Service providers in 2023.

Their streams are known as the most reliable and dependable. Only they have access to almost all popular channels from different countries worldwide. Not only that but multiple device compatibility is also ensured (not at the same time). They also offer Electronic Program Guide in shorts EPG which is a big deal. For these reasons, they are the best IPTV Resellers across the world.

Before going for starting an IPTV Reseller business, I’m going to let you know:

What is an IPTV Reseller Panel?

IPTV Reseller Panel refers to re-selling Internet-based Protocol Television to a web or local client from main service providers. The vendor would offer you an impact panel during which you’ll enjoy trial creations, user modifications, and subscriptions selling with ease. Each of the lines on the panel would cost you more reasonably than typical subscriptions where you’ll customize the prices of the panel for selling purposes otherwise you can sell it at normal market pricing also.

IPTV Reseller Club Reseller Panel

IPTV Reseller Club’s Reseller Panel: Details & Features-

IPTV Reseller Club reseller offers several features that permit you to enjoy chilling out right at your home and also having a profitable business. These features are what make them the simplest IPTV reseller Panel because you’ll find more benefits and way fewer drawbacks that are in fact fixable. I will mention both the PROS and CONS later. But initially, let’s inspect the features given in detail below:

1. Premium and Ultra HD Channels:

IPTV Reseller Club is providing 15,000+ Live Satellite TV channels as well as premium TV channels. They also boast to offer high-quality channel streaming so you get to enjoy each video greatly. Moreover, you have the opportunity to record the streams for watching them later.

They also offer over 350+ different premium Sports channels that are good news to every sports enthusiast and lover. They cover almost all popular channels of every country and update their server timely. Sports, News, Movies, Kids, Music, Entertainment, Fantasy, Documentary, Weather, Business, and other category channels you can easily find in their service as well.

2. VOD (Movies and TV series):

They are covering around 25,000+ movies with all the new releases in order that you’ll enjoy an excellent movie time. ranging from popular to IMDB top-rated, they’re going to provide you with the videos on demand right after you request.

Not just that, they also provide around 25,000+ TV series from their Video On Demand section which is stated to be huge. you’ll now watch all the episodes of the newly released TV series on different devices.

3. Anti-Freeze Technology:

The services of IPTV Reseller Club are using their cutting-edge H264 technology. With this, you will be provided with the best quality and compression while helping them offer AntiFreeze streaming to you. The sizes of IPTV Reseller Panel streams measure roughly about 10 Mbit.

Nonetheless, they have suggested the requirement of an internet connection speed of a minimum of around 15 Mbit. It is because, when you change channels, the H264 protocol might bounce higher a bit to initiate showing the video and such speed will be required to deal with this. When it comes to HD channels, the required internet connection speed that has been suggested is around 60 Mbit.

4. 24/7 Live Customer Support:

IPTV Reseller Club has a dedicated support team that you will always find ready to help their clients 24/7. The team will provide you with support starting from technical issues to billing issues (all about IPTV).

Even if you are worried about the quality of their service, they suggest you purchase their 24-hour trial free of cost. So, you can check it for your betterment. If you think that it is good enough, you can always buy the service from them.

5. Payment Gateways:

IPTV Reseller Club accepts a variety of payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, American Express, MasterCard, VISA, and Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies.

6. Refund Policy:

IPTV Reseller Club will provide you with a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date. However, they will reduce the due that you’ve used. They also suggest you test their service before buying credits from them. So you have the opportunity to test their services as much as you can.

7. Pricing Plan:

They offer packages with credits and prices that have been divided into 6 categories. Each credit would be counted as a month except for 10 credits that are counted as a year. All these 6 packages will provide you with the same benefits. Just the pricing and months will be different. So, here are the lists:

IPTV Reseller Club Credit Plans :
CreditsPricesDiscountsAverage Profits/Credit
25 credits75 USD0.00 %7-12 USD
50 credits150 USD0.00 %7-12 USD
200 credits540 USD10.00 %7-12 USD+10%
300 credits765 USD15.00 %7-12 USD+15%
500 credits1200 USD20.00 %7-12 USD+20%
1000 credits2000 USD33.00 %7-12 USD+33%

Installing IPTV Reseller on different devices:

installing IPTV Reseller
installing IPTV Reseller

#1. On Android

Among several IPTV apps on Play Store, you’ll have to use the ‘IPTV’ app from it. Although you’ll install the app, still we are providing you with a download link below for your convenience.

After you’re through with installing the app, open it then tap on the navigation menu.

There you’ll find an option of ‘More’, you’ll have to tap it.

Now, you’ll have to enter the URL of your M3U playlist. For your information, you’ll get the link to the M3U URL available in your member region.

#2. On iOS

If your device is jailbroken, you’ll use KODI. If it’s not, then you’ll want to use either the app IPTV Reseller Panel which has been explained above, or the app GSE SMART IPTV.

After you’re through with the installation, you’ll get to attend a remote playlist.

Next, you would like to enter the link to the M3U URL available in your member region.

#3. On KODI

To install IPTV on KODI, you would like to open it and then select ‘SYSTEM’.

After that, you’ll have to select ‘TV’.

Note: If you’re on a version less than 15.2, then you’ll select ‘Live TV’, on the other hand again, you’ll have to update for that.

However, next, you would like to pick ‘GENERAL’.

After that, you’ll select ‘ENABLE’.

Now, you’ll get a crop-up that says you don’t have PVR CLIENT enabled.

Select ‘OK’.

After that, you’re required to scroll down a touch and then accompany by clicking ‘PVR IPTV Simple Client’.

Then you would like to pick ‘ENABLE’ and then you’ll have to select ‘CONFIGURE’.

Next, select the M3U Playlist URL generally and add the link of the M3U URL available in your member region.

Here, you’ll have to select OK Reboot KODI.

Now, you ought to see TV on your ‘HOME SCREEN’. If you’re on an older version of KODI, then you’ll see Live TV. Open it if you would like to possess the list of live channels.


If you wish to have IPTV Reseller Panel channels installed on your SMART TV, then you’re required to download an app for Smart IPTV called SIPTV.

After that, you’ll have to follow the steps that are given on the website http://siptv.app/.

If you would like, you’ll use the IPTV app also and therefore the steps are almost like the Android one.

IPTV Reseller Club’s: Pros & Cons:

  • Provides over 15,000+ ordinary also as premium TV channels.
  • High-quality channel streaming.
  • Offers over 25,000+ VOD on Movies with all the new releases.
  • Offers over 25,000+ VOD on TV series.
  • Provides different premium Sports channels worldwide.
  • Features Anti-Freeze streaming to supply you with the simplest quality and compression.
  • Provides you with support associated with technical, billing, and all IPTV-related issues 24/7.
  • Accept different payment methods.
  • They will assure you of 99.99% uptime on their streaming servers.
  • Watch all the programs at a short-lived destination or on the go besides your residence.
  • Provide a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date.
  • Sometimes some Ultra HD channels will take some time to load.
  • Sometimes VPN will not work but it’s not mandatory to use VPN while streaming.
  • Premium, Ultra HD, and Full HD channels take more megabits to stream

Why is IPTV Reseller Club’s Reseller Panel best for You?

IPTV Reseller Club’s
IPTV Reseller Club’s

To know why the IPTV Reseller Club reseller service is the best for everybody, initially, you would like to understand the IPTV Reseller Club. It is one of the IPTV subscription service providers of online streaming worldwide. Not only do they claim to supply you with fast activation but also are free from setup fees.

It doesn’t matter what your devices are, they’re going to cover almost everything. They have a team that supplies reliable IPTV services to different countries. They even have network engineers that provide users with premium-level digital media streaming. Besides, they provide customers with reselling facilities.

It’s their strong technical expertise and support team that enabled them to be the simplest IPTV Reseller Panel service provider across the planet. But there are other reasons that also make them the simplest for reselling purposes. So, let’s mention why they’re ideal for everyone:

The IPTV Reseller Club offers subscription services right to your devices via the web regardless of what device it’s. This may include Windows, Computer or iMac, Apple iPhone, Apple TV 4 & 5, iPad, Smart TV (Samsung & LG), IPTV box, Amazon Firestick, all Android phones as tablets, Dreamlink, Openbox, Dreambox, Enigma 2, VU+, AVOV, MAG, Android Box, and Set-top box Emulator.

However, always remember that you simply can use one subscription on a spread of devices but you’ll watch the programs on one device only at an equivalent time excluding MAG ones.

Advantages of IPTV Reseller Panel Business:

  • Low startup investment: The big plus of becoming a reseller of IPTV is that you can invest low. You will buy the service as well as sell it with a profit. The hard work will be done by the main service providers, hence the cost of hiring technicians would be reduced significantly.
  • Profit: The low investment will be followed by a profitable business. You will have the option to customize the cost of the panel or you can sell it at normal market prices. The choices are yours!
  • No need to be tech-savvy: To become a reseller of IPTV, you do not need to be tech-savvy. Just because the business has technical stuff does not mean you need to have all the knowledge. All you have to do is, resell the service from the main service providers and all the technical support will be provided by them. So, you have no role here.
  • Easier scaling up the service: Scaling is not at all a problem in such a business as it is handled by the main providers. You just need to analyze the competition by targeting a certain market segment and performing in-depth research.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does IPTV work?

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the latest system of watching television by replacing the old Cable TV or Satellite Dish TV system which was set up on the rooftop or Direct to Home in Word D2H services. With the help of a fast fiber internet connection, a Live TV channel will continuously keep downloading every stream and you will be able to watch those TV channels.

Is IPTV legal?

Internet Protocol Television in short IPTV isn’t illegal in itself. In recent times, most television channels offer Internet access via an application or most probably via their website. In some countries, the IPTV Reseller Panel has a bad reputation due to a huge number of fraudulent offers online.

Does a VPN need to watch IPTV?

No, not at all. The countries announce IPTV as legal, that countries users don’t need any kind of VPN to watch IPTV.
But in those countries where IPTV is illegal, you may need a VPN for watching IPTV. In this article, the included IPTV Reseller Panel subscription provider service is compatible with multiple Virtual Private Networks.

What Are The Advantages of IPTV Resell in Recent Years?

Generally, Internet Protocol Television IPTV has so many advantages to mention. It is very cost-effective and budget-friendly in the present market that is viewed by a huge amount of countless Telecommunications providers.


With IPTV Reseller Club, you won’t have expensive bills nor you’ll have disappointment. albeit the channels buffer, freeze, or don’t work, you’ll get solutions provided by the team. They only suggest you possess stable internet speed or to be precise, a high-speed connection of a minimum 4Mbps or above to enjoy the advantage. Moreover, they also claim their service to be always up 99.99% all the time.

One big advantage is that using their service won’t require you to possess any satellite dish. It’s because IPTV delivers international programming rights to the TV through the web.

Thus, not only you will become one of their subscribers but you will also be a reseller. So you will provide others with an equivalent advantage. You must be a  profitable man by reselling IPTV as well as running a successful business through it. If you have any further queries, you can ask the team on their website. You will get the answers quickly.

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