Top 6 Best Cheap IPTV Services (2024 UPDATE!)

With almost everyone having access to the internet nowadays, it comes as no surprise that IPTV services are in high demand! But, with high demand, comes high prices. Most reliable IPTV subscriptions start from $15-20 a month, which isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. So, what about cheap IPTV services? 

Well, some of the best and cheapest IPTV services are IPTV Service Shop, Homeplex IPTV, Nikon IPTV, IPTV Kind, Nixon IPTV, and TwIT IPTV. Each of these services costs just under $13/1 month!  

But, are they any good? Are they trustworthy? And what about the features? Well, to answer your questions, we have accumulated a list of the best and cheapest IPTV services in the market right now! 

Best Cheap IPTV Services For You (Price & Features) 

Now, let’s talk more in detail about the best low-cost IPTV services we’ve mentioned above. Please note, that these services are quite similar in pricing and features. So, while choosing the right one, you must factor in your preference and situation.  

For example, if you’re a student, you may not have a lot of money lying around as well as time. So, committing to a 6-month or 12-month subscription may not be a wise choice. In this case, you may choose a monthly or a 3-month subscription, with an appropriate deal. 

But if you’re someone who loves to spend their after-work hours watching their favorite show almost every night, you can easily choose a 6 or 12-month subscription! 

So, let’s look at each of these cheap IPTV services and their pricing: 

#1. IPTV Service Shop – [IPTVService.Shop]

IPTV service shop is a fast and reliable IPTV service provider that emphasizes value for money. With 12,000+ TV channels and fantastic 95% bufferless HD quality for over 15,000+ VODs, they stand as one of the best cheap IPTV services with premium features! 

All that for just $9.99 a month! Other subscription packages are $24.99 for three months where you’ll be saving up about half the monthly amount at $4.98! At this moment, it would cost you only $39.99 for six months due to a sale. Here you can save up to $19.95. And only $59.99 for a whole year! Where you’d be saving almost $59.89.  

Pricing of IPTV Service Shop

IPTV Service Shop offers 24/7 customer service to help you with any issues you face along the way as well as a 3-day refund policy if you’re not satisfied with their service. This type of reliability makes them one of the best cheap IPTV service providers in the market.  

Get your first subscription right now: IPTV Service Shop 

#2. Homeplex IPTV – []

Similar to IPTV Service Shop, Homeplex also gives you great value for money. However, their 24-hour free trial helps them stand out! This way you can try out their service before fully committing. Homeplex is a great cheap IPTV service if you want great customer communication as that’s their biggest selling point! 

HomeplexIPTV Features

With over 15,000+ TV channels, bufferless VOD streaming, EPG interface to make navigation easier, and vast compatibility, Homeplex IPTV is an absolute bargain! 

The prices start from only $10 a month! With the three-month deal being only $25 (most popular). For six months you’d usually have to spend around $60, but Homeplex IPTVs offer six-month packages at only $40! Lastly, save almost $60 by subscribing to Homeplex’s exclusive deluxe pack which costs only $60! 

HomeplexIPTV Pricing

Get your own Homeplex IPTV subscription right now: Homeplex IPTV

#3. Nikon IPTV – []

We’re halfway through our list so, let’s talk about Nikon IPTV. This provider costs a little more than our first two IPTV service providers. But, it stands as one of the top-ranked IPTV services in today’s list. 

Nikon IPTV stands out especially because of its instant delivery policy. Meaning, the moment you purchase the product, it will be delivered to you! No hiccups, no excuses. 

You’ll be able to access all of their premium features such as antifreeze, HD streaming, and many more. And with over 20,000+ VODs, you’ll never be able to catch up! 

Nikon IPTV subscriptions start at just $12 a month. With the three-month subscription costing about $25 and the six-month subscription being $40. To be clear, you’d be saving $47 for the six-month subscription! And most importantly their annual subscription costs only $55! That’s cheaper than both of our previous entries! 

Nikon IPTV Pricing

The best thing about Nikon IPTV is, that they bring most of the best features you’d want in a provider with a criminally low annual subscription price! 

Get a Nikon IPTV subscription right now from their website: Nikon IPTV 

#4. IPTV Kind – []

IPTV Kind is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for cheap IPTVs with all your favorite TV shows and movies. With over 12,000+ TV channels, 180,000+ TV shows, and 80,000+ movies, IPTV Kind is a true king of entertainment. With such a huge catalog, the 99.99% uptime is of no surprise! They also offer 24/7 customer service to ensure satisfaction. 

IPTV Kind Features

So, what about the price? IPTV Kind has a cheap first-month subscription starting at only $12. The three-month plan will cost about $30. Their Gold Plan may be the wisest as it costs only $48 saving you almost $24! Their most expensive and longest plan will cost $72/12 months. 

IPTVKind Pricing

Though the 12-month plan may cost a bit more than our other entries, IPTV Kind offers amazing entertainment value and could be a great choice for you if you, yourself are a movie freak! 

Get your own IPTV Kind subscription: IPTV Kind

#5. Nixon IPTV – []

Nixon IPTV is one of the cheapest and best premium IPTV subscriptions you can get right now! With over $15,000+ live channels and over $150,000+ VODs (movies and shows), Nixon aims to be the “Ultimate” IPTV subscription provider with its 3 different connection options. Being a more premium provider, Nixon is not only reliable but they have top-notch customer communications. 

Nixon IPTV Features

Nixon surprisingly starts at only $10/1 month but the rest of their subscriptions cost slightly more than the previously mentioned cheap IPTV subscription providers. With their three-month pack costing $30 and the six-month pack being $50. Long-time commitment with this provider will cost you $80/12 months. 

Cheapest Nixon IPTV pricing

What separates Nixon IPTV from the other providers is its premium promises that they’re very good at fulfilling! And great service sometimes costs more! 

Get your own Nixon IPTV subscription from here: Nixon IPTV

#6. TwIT IPTV – []

The last IPTV service provider we’ll talk about today offers almost all the features the other providers offer. Making it a versatile option for cheap IPTV services. However, they have built a great reputation as reliable worldwide providers. 

Twit IPTV Features

TwIT IPTV is a great cheap IPTV provider. However, in our list, it’s by far the most expensive. Still, the difference is only a few bucks! The basic plan is the cheapest plan being only $12, the same as most of the other services on our list. 

The three-month pack is the same as the Nixon 3-month pack being only $30. But a fan favorite is the six-month pack which is only $50! Saving you $22! And their 12-month plan costs $80. 

Twit IPTV Pricing

TwIT is a great choice if you’re looking to play the safe card but almost any of the cheap IPTV services would turn out to be a great choice for you! 

Get TwIT IPTV subscription from here: TwIT IPTV 

Cheapest Best IPTV Services (Reddit Recommends)

In the modern world, information is much easier to find than ever before. And a vast majority of people prefer sites such as Reddit to find reliable information. While Reddit isn’t always up to date, it usually aces in its suggestions! 

Our research has found that Reddit recommends Strive IPTV, Mom IPTV, ProPack IPTV, Forest IPTV, and Pilot IPTV as some low-cost IPTV websites. While most of these services cost around $15, only Mom IPTV costs $14. 

Under $15 you’ll be able to get some well-known and vastly used reliable IPTV services. Are any of these services the best cheap IPTV service? Well, as we mentioned before, it depends on your preference. 

Are Low-Cost IPTV Services Trustworthy? 

Yes! From the right providers any IPTV service, no matter the cost, is trustworthy. Due to the rise of IPTV services, a lot of providers have turned to scamming. However, choosing the right provider such as the six providers we’ve mentioned can save you from that! 

While choosing an IPTV service provider, look out for certain signs. A good IPTV service provider will always put your satisfaction first. This means 24/7 customer service, 3-day warranties, and other customer-directed features. 

But if you don’t want to go through the hassle simply follow our article and choose one of the six providers we’ve mentioned! 

How to Setup a Cheap IPTV Service? 

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean complicated! And when it comes to setting up a cheap IPTV service, it’s quite easy. Let’s look at how: 

Prepping your device: 

Before setting up the IPTV services, you must do a few things first! Firstly, an internet connection is a must. After that, check if your device meets the minimum requirements for the IPTV service you’ve chosen. Lastly, ensure your PC’s firmware is updated and running properly. 


Now, let’s look at the installation process for Windows, Mac, and Android: 

Windows: Download the service app from the official website and simply click on “install”. 

Mac: Locate the preferred service app from the “Mac App Store” and click on “get”. Now, wait for the application to finish downloading. 

Android: Download the application from the Google Play Store, install it, and enjoy! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Time for some frequently asked questions! These mini-questions will help remove any remaining confusion you might have: 

  1. Are Cheap IPTV Services Legal?

    Yes! Cheap IPTV services are all legal. Low-cost IPTV services may offer 1 or 2 features to make up for their affordable prices.

  2. Are There Any Cheap IPTV Services available in Canada?

    Yes. IPTV Service Shop, Homeplex IPTV, Nikon IPTV, IPTV Kind, Nixon IPTV, and TwIT IPTV are all well-known low-cost but great IPTV providers. 

  3. Can You Get 4K Streaming in Cheap IPTVs?

    Yes, many cheap IPTV providers offer 4k quality VOD streaming on demand. 


As good as IPTV services are, cost is always an important factor! While premium IPTV services can seem shiny, a lot of good low-cost services are available! 

Now, you can get your own cheap IPTV service by simply following our guide. Thank you for reading. 

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