IPTV Service Shop Reviews: Best IPTV? Let’s Find Out

IPTV Service Shop is renowned as one of the oldest IPTV providers in the market. It offers USA-based subscriptions worldwide for a better streaming universe.

They said on their website:

“Do you want to pay hundreds of dollars annually for cable and feel limited by the available channels? With our IPTV service, you can instantly stream high-definition channels worldwide and access the latest movies and TV shows on demand. You only need our IPTV subscription and an internet-connected device to enjoy crystal-clear, top-quality entertainment.”

Those lines caught my attention, so I tried a free trial for 24 hours to see if they were really what they said!

After reading this review, you will learn everything about IPTVService.shop that I learned through their 24-hour free trial.

So, let’s directly discuss the unique features and what I get with their 4K free trial! Remember, I used Smarters Player Lite on my Apple device. It is a free IPTV app provided by IPTV Smarters, though it has a paid version.

Quick Specs of IPTV Service Shop:


  • INTERFACE – 94.1%
  • PRICE – 99.2%

If you don’t see anything you like or need here, please check out our BEST IPTV SERVICES for more providers.


  • Cheap pricing plans compare to others
  • Plenty of premium features
  • Multi-screen facilities
  • Comes with up to 4 connections
  • Mainly USA-based provider
  • Update content anytime


  • Don’t offer personal app
  • Not worthy for other regions

Pricing Plans of IPTV Service Shop:

I’m adding a list of their subscription for one screen:

  • 1 Month = $9.99
  • 3 Months = $24.99
  • 6 Months = $39.99
  • 12 Months = $59.99

N: B: You can add unlimited screens by adding more than the subscription cost.

My Analytics on IPTVService.shop:

IPTVService.shop offers 12,000 channels and 15,000 VOD (Movies and Shows) on its HD server. In other reviews, I tried to review other providers’ HD servers.

Their HD server prices are $9.99 monthly, $24.99 for three months, $39.99 for six months, and $59.99 per year.

For a 4K server, they charge the same! Though the price is the same, the channels and VODs aren’t the same! That’s the plus point for taking their 4K server.

Payment options like PayPal, bank transfers, card payments, and Bitcoins make them worth providing all the payment options to get their subscription!!

Let’s directly talked about what I get with their 4K server, including the offerings, premium features, and interface:

How to install IPTVService.shop?

You need to download IPTV Smarters on your device to install their subscription. If you don’t know how, please check our IPTV Smarter Pro Setup Guide for a detailed installation.

After the installation is finished, open it, and the next steps I’m telling you in detail:

I was unable to log in even after getting the credentials to access their free trial. After I told them, they changed the username and password, and finally, I was done signing up.

Note: In this part, I will also cover how to stream IPTV on IPTV Smarters (A to Z).

Login Details of IPTV Smarters
Login Details of IPTV Smarters

Then, the interface below came, and I learned I could add multiple (add user) subscriptions through the IPTV Smarters app.

User Interface of IPTV Smarters
User Interface of IPTV Smarters

After clicking on my user, the app loaded and told me to wait while channels, VOD, and Series loaded for the first time.

IPTV Smarters - Getting things ready for the first time
Getting Things Ready For The First Time

Then, I add EPG to categorize all the channels and shows.

Updating EPG
Updating EPG

Then, I update the content to receive up-to-date information and the latest shows.

Updating Content
Updating Content

Then, the interface showed that the EPG Data was downloading.

Downloading EPG Data
Downloading EPG Data

Note: Through IPTVService, You can set the channels and movies to auto-update daily and update the EPG anytime, or you can set how many days after that you want to update it.

Automation Setting
Automation Setting

The below image shows how to select the gaps between days to update the EPG.

Auto-Update Settings
Auto-Update Settings

You can set a pin to hide the content from your children and parents to access the adult content.

Parental Control Settings
Parental Control Settings

You can enable, turn off, and change the pin anytime.

Parental Control Settings
Parental Control Settings

After enabling the pin, you will have to enter the pin first when you watch the adult content. After successfully entering the pin, you can enjoy the content.

IPTV Smarters Asking For Parental Control For Showing 18+ Contents
IPTV Smarters Asking For Parental Control For Showing 18+ Contents

While watching the video, several options will appear, and you can select them for better viewing experiences.

IPTV Smarters - On Video Interface
IPTV Smarters – On Video Interface

After clicking on multi-screen, an interface will come like this where you can play up to 4 devices.

Multi-Screen Layout
Multi-Screen Layout

You can also add the timer to indicate how many seconds after a show is finished; another show will play!

Autoplay Next Show Setting
Autoplay Next Show Setting

You can also change the stream format to enjoy every subscription on Smsarters.

Settings Interface
Settings Interface

The most popular IPTV providers offer m3u8 (HLS) subscriptions that apply to it.

Stream Format
Stream Format

I found almost 1200 channels in the catchup category, most accessible 24-30 hours before. Sadly, most sports shows weren’t found.

Catch Up Channels of IPTVService.shop on IPTV Smarters
Catch Up Channels of IPTVService.shop on IPTV Smarters

Almost 13,000 channels were streamable in the channels category, and the rest of the list was just filler. Sports channels were found in a good number here.

4K Channel List of IPTVService.shop
4K Channel List of IPTVService.shop

Let’s know how many premium features are unlocked with the IPTV free trial subscription of the IPTVService.Shop.

FREE Premium Features
FREE Premium Features

Should I purchase IPTV Service Shop?

I have described IPTVService.Shop enough, from its price and servers to its offerings and functionalities. So now it’s up to you whether you’re going for it.

I advise you to include seamless streaming with more channel lines, USA-based TV, live sports, and unlimited updated movies and series on your options list.

What other providers should I consider?

The main competition is Mom IPTV, which is more onboard and offers the best compatibility. It is more trusted than IPTV Service Shop as it is based in the USA, UK, and Canada, while IPTVService.Shop is only based in the USA.

However, IPTVService.Shop is still a great provider that meets most people from the USA’s needs while saving more money than Mom.

Are you looking to get a cheaper subscription to your streams? Nikon IPTV is a good option. This provider’s lower annual subscription price is considerably more affordable than IPTVService.Shop’s. Nikon takes $55 for a year and obviously cheaper than IPTV Service Shop.

Xtreme HD IPTV is also considerable, providing more streams (around 18,000) than IPTVService.Shop. So, if you’re looking for more live streams, Xtreme can be a suitable replacement for it.

FAQs about IPTV Service Shop:

Is There Any Channel List of IPTVService.Shop?

Yes, they have. You can ask them for the channel list, and they will surely provide it. I once asked, and I got it.

What is IPTVService.Shop’s official website?

Numerous providers named themselves IPTV Service, as it has gained more popularity over the years. The official IPTVService.Shop is “https://iptvservice.shop”.

Final Words

IPTVService.Shop has been renowned as one of the cheapest and most trusted IPTV service providers for more than five years.

With a straightforward installation procedure, IPTV Service Shop prioritizes quality and reliability.

It provides the most streaming way possible. Pricing plans are cheaper than others, and the payment gateways are secure and user-friendly.

IPTV Service Shop is a versatile US-based provider with easy navigation and user-friendly IPTV solutions.

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