Beast IPTV Review: Features and Installation Guide

Nowadays everyone is more focused on getting updated and for that people need live updates. Beast IPTV is an IPTV service provider for its users with all live Channels including live news, live sports, live TV shows, documentaries, and so on. Beast IPTV is more demanding because of its amazing features and its flexible pricing plan. However, in this guide, I will describe the features of Beast IPTV, the subscription plan, and the installation process, so that it helps beginners.

What is Beast IPTV?

Beast IPTV is one of the internet protocol television services which is called IPTV. They provide television service to the users through an internet connection. They offer over 15,000 TV channels and 9000 VOD to their users. However, they cover all over the USA, UK, Canada, and other parts of Europe such as Germany, Netherlands, and so on.

Features of Beast IPTV:

Here are some of the common features Beast IPTV offers:

  • Beast IPTV offers 15000 TV channels and 10,000 VOD to their users.
  • They offer live sports, live news, entertainment, comedy, movies, series, adult content, and so on to their consumers.
  • They offer different subscription plans so that it gets flexible to the users.
  • They offer multi-device compatibility with their particular subscription plan.
  • They offer 24/7 customer service.
  • They take payment through all kinds of online payment options.
  • They cover all over the USA, UK, Canada, and other parts of Europe such as Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, and so on.
  • They offer a 24-hour trial period so that one can decide what they want.
  • The navigation of Beast IPTV is super easy.
  • Beast IPTV is VPN-friendly.
  • It is one of the cheapest television services with attractive offers. They start with $15.

Channel list of Beast IPTV:

They offer 15,000 live TV channels to their consumers. Here are below,

USA TV channel ListCanada TV channel listUK TV channel ListEurope’s TV channel List
ESPNSliceBBC OneFrance 24
CNBCFood NetworkBBC TwoEuronews
Animal PlanetNational GeographicBBC ThreeEurosport
Discovery ChannelCTV News ChannelChannel 4SKY Sports
Disney ChannelCTV Comedy ChannelChannel 5CNBC Europe
TNTCTV Drama ChannelITV 1MTV Europe
ABCCTV Life ChannelITV 2Deutsche Welle
BBC AmericaBBC EarthITV 3Canal Plus
NicklodeonShowcaseSKY NewsFOX

Subscription Plan of Beast IPTV:

1-month plan3 month plan6 month plan12-month plan
Offers HD, SD, and 4K qualityOffers HD, SD, and 4K qualityOffer multi-device accessOffer full HD, SD, and 4K quality
Works with a VPN accessRequires VPN accessRequires a VPN accessWorks with VPN access
Cost only $15Cost only $31Cost only $49Cost only $79
Unlimited free updates to the users24/7 customer support24/7 customer support24/7 customer support

How to Install Beast IPTV on Your Device:

• First, you have to go to Beast IPTV’s official website which is from Google Chrome.

• After that, it will show you the trial option which is free for 24 hours and you can give it a shot to decide.

• Then you have to scroll down and you will find an option of choosing a subscription plan.

• You have to choose which plan you prefer.

• After choosing the subscription plan you have to go to the payment option.

• After finishing the payment process you will get an email with a confirmation mail ID and password.

• With that ID and password, you will be able to get access to Beast IPTV on your Android device.

Legal and safety considerations:

Beast IPTV is a safe and authentic television service. However, due to geological restrictions, it can face some issues and that is why they always suggest using VPN access to get their service. And that helps to ensure the safety of their service to their consumers.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which device supports Beast IPTV?

All kinds of devices support Beast IPTV including Android, Mac, firestick, Kodi, Mag, and so on.

On how many devices can I use Beast IPTV?

Beast IPTV offers multi-device compatibility to its users. So one can use their service on multiple devices but with conditions.

Is Beast IPTV safe to use?

Yes. It is safe to use with VPN access.

Do they provide a trail run?

Yes, they do. They offer a 24-hour trial period.

Do they provide adult content?

Yes. They do.

Does Beast IPTV have a cheap subscription plan?

They have the cheapest plan as it starts at $15.


Overall Beast IPTV is one of the most demanding and attractive IPTV services. They have some exciting subscription plans that are super flexible with their amazing service. Also, their customer support service is impeccable and they have a super easy navigation process which helps to use the service easily and effectively. But before making the decision one needs to look at their budget, and preference so that the feature of television services meets their desire.

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