IPTV URL – Differences between M3U and MAC Address

IPTV URL is the most important thing for an IPTV user. In this guide, I will let you know about M3U and MAC Addresses and their uses.

What is M3U?

Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 Uniform Resource Locator in short M3U is a type of IPTV URL. It is a computer file format for a multimedia playlist. The most used M3U file format is to create a single entry playlist file pointing to any stream on the Internet. Those files will provide easy access to the stream and are often used to download.


What is MAC Address?

Media Access Control Address in shorts MAC Address is a type of unique identifier assigned to a Network Interface Controller (NIC) for use as a network address within a network segment.iptv url

How do M3U and MAC Addresses work?

  • Mainly M3U and MAC are simply a connection.
  • M3U is mainly based on a URL that contains a username and password. It also allows you to change devices too. 
  • MAC also allows you to connect the server using a username and password respectively.

Remember one thing, if MAC is changed it won’t be able to access it unless it is being updated. You can also use MAC on the Smart TV through a virtual MAC address. 

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Moreover, both are the best based on your device. Both work so smoothly with compatible devices. 

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