What is the future of IPTV? (2021 Edition)

Future of IPTV

Now, there’s confusion within the market about the terminology that I would like to start out by clearing up. Streaming video over the web isn’t IPTV within the classic sense. That is what I might call internet TV or OTT (over the top) video.

IPTV is that the process of delivering video over a closed or controlled network. So, when an ISP offers TV services that’s IPTV.

future of iptv

IPTV has a good future in my opinion. Internet TV or OTT is sort of a big city, you’ll find what you’re trying to find but sometimes you’ve got to seem far and wide to urge what you would like. Sometimes you get mixed results and sometimes you grind to a halt in traffic. The idea of getting separate apps for everything sounds great to the content providers but it sucks from a customer perspective.



How do I know where a specific series is or am I getting the simplest value with having three different subscriptions?

With IPTV you normally have one subscription and the content is delivered over a managed network to give you the best experience. Where the provider cannot have the direct provision of a service (like Netflix) they can at least offer single billing (Netflix partners with ISPs to allow them to bill for Netflix subscriptions) and better content delivery of that content (Netflix CDN appliances in the ISP’s network).

OTT is great for niche content and illegally shared content. Also, it has a place for smaller ISPs who don’t want to offer TV services but IPTV should offer a better experience if done right.


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