Top 5 Best Android TV Apps

Android TV is becoming more popular day by day since it was first introduced by the year of 2014. From the beginning, Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony, and other Smart TV OTT platforms worked in the best way possible to take Android TV to the next level.

If you own or buy an Android TV, the following 5 Apps are the best Android TV apps to install which can give you a breathtaking experience.

1. Netflix  – Best  Android TV Box Netflix

Netflix AppAt first, we mentioned Netflix for its fantastic performances and compatibility. It provides affordable prices for its subscription packages. They contain plenty of Android TV Shows and Films that stream 24/7. Also, they update their library with many newer Films and TV Shows, and their original productions. 

Netflix Website

Netflix has become so popular that a vast amount of people use Netflix instead of Cable or Dish TV. So, you can guess the popularity of Netflix. Also, the picture quality and films are so eye-catching. If you want to enjoy your past time with heart contests and make proper use of your Android TV then download and install Netflix on your Android TV and take a Netflix subscription to enjoy your past time, vacations, and holidays.

2. Amazon Prime Video – Android tv box

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is an alternative to Netflix. It offers similar content as Netflix does. Amazon Prime Video isn’t that much costly that you can’t bear. It’s also cost-effective and also compatible with your Android TV.

Amazon Prime Video Website

There are plenty of people who like to enjoy only Amazon Prime Video. Even they don’t like Cable TV, Dish TV, and Satellite TV respectively after enjoying Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video is one of the biggest digital streaming platforms in the world undoubtedly. They contain a vast amount of Movies and TV Shows that can keep you charming and pleasant all day long. If you can’t find the specific shows you want on Netflix then you can easily find them on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Kodi


Kodi has earned a lot of rewards in the last few years and is becoming popular on digital streaming platforms day by day. Millions of people are recommending Kodi as the best multimedia player based on its services and quality.

kodi website

Kodi is perfect for watching Binge. It always keeps your TV organized which can’t do any other multimedia player. In the Kodi app, you can accumulate plenty of DVDs on a shelf. Kodi is supported in every format and playlist of Music. Moreover, it is the best way to share your photos on the big screen. Also, you can make a slideshow anytime you want. 

4. PureVPN

Pure VPN
Pure VPN

PureVPN is one of the commercial virtual private network services that was founded in 2007. It allows the user to stream and browse everything that is restricted to your country or region. It has over 2000 servers that are located in 140 countries. PureVPN offers paid subscriptions like it takes $10.95 per month.

Pure VPN Server

It requires providing the real name of the user to use their services. But no worries it doesn’t store the name or IP address of the website or actual time of access. By using PureVPN you can easily browse anything inappropriate to your country or region like any websites, apps, adult videos, etc.

5. Google Chrome

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Google Chrome is renowned as one of the best Internet browsers. It is one of the safest and easiest ways for browsing. Google Chrome works hard to protect your data and privacy online and It let you customize your settings and browsing experience as you wish.

Google Chrome Overview

Maybe Google Chrome is the first thing you download for your Android TV. Google Chrome always provides the best security to the user. Password check, dark mode, the address bar, and Google Chrome help their user to get things easier and stay safe online. 


You can also use Mozilla Firefox as an alternative to Google Chrome. These apps are quite similar to each other. Also, you can use MX Player, or Roku as an alternative to Kodi. You can use HBO Max, Disney Plus, Hulu as an alternative to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

However, these apps are my recommendation for Android TV. You can use other apps for better browsing. But these apps are Evergreen the way they are.

Best wishes for the installation of these apps. I hope this article helps you to find the best apps for your  Android TV.

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