10 Easy Steps To Speed Up Wi-Fi Router In 2023

Trying to watch smooth and HD quality videos on your laptop or desktop through your Wi-Fi router but only can watch a kind of slideshow? These types of issues make our intentions boring for watching our favorite videos.

If you are facing some issues like that further you don’t have to be frustrated anymore. In this article, we are showing you some easy steps on how you can speed up your Wi-Fi router so that you can watch your favorite streams without any hassle.


Sometimes bad bandwidth connections can be the reason for that. Whatever cable connections perform much better based on high speed and stability.

But this is not always possible, right? Nobody wants to run a cable from the living room to the bedroom and do his daily work by running a cable to his phone or pc.

Follow these 10 steps and end your buffering problems forever.

Step-1: Centralize The Wi-Fi Router

The position of a router always plays a vital role in terms of speed and stability. If you placed your Wi-Fi router too far from your devices, then chances are too small to get the best signal.

The position of the router should be in the center of your house if possible or in an open place and far away from other electronics. The main thing is that the router needs to maximize visibility. If there are so many doors and walls near your router will interrupt your signal.

One better option is to keep the router higher because the router uses it to spread the signal downward. So, if you placed your router on low or on the ground, you will not get the best signal.

Step-2: Reposition The Router Antennas

Every Wi-Fi router contains two types of antennae, either internal or external. If your one contains external antennas, then try to reposition them vertically and horizontally (perpendicular to one another). That will ensure that the wireless reception is maximized.

You will get the best signal coverage if the receiver (your device) and the transmitter (wifi router) are running on the same plane.

If your router only contains an internal antenna, then it will take some trial and error. So, try repositioning them vertically and horizontally to see how better it works in one way.

Step-3: Use Powerline Network Adapters

If you are living in a big house and no options available for centrally positioning the Wi-Fi router, you can use one more trick. In that case, you can use powerline network adapters.

Utilizing the existing electrical wiring in the walls, Powerline network adapters are widely used in modern constructions. You need to buy an Ethernet cable for this. Plug in an adapter near your router and connect it to your router through an Ethernet cable. Then plug in the second adapter where you want coverage. From there you can directly use as much as Ethernet cable to connect to your devices.

Step-4: Wireless Security Set-up

There are plenty of open networks and unsecured networks. This is one of the main reasons behind slow signals. This takes a lot of bandwidth from various unknown sources. Thanks to those who use high security and secure their network.

For wireless security setup, login to your router’s admin page in any Web Browser through your router’s IP Address and desired credentials and sign in. Then choose WPA2 as the “Encryption Method” and select a password that you can easily remember at any time. For avoiding unusual logins, share your password with your trusted persons.

Step-5: Use Heatmapping Software (additional)

If you face any difficulties with your signal coverage, you can use the Heat Mapping software. This will allow you to see actually what your home’s wireless heat map looks like and how much bandwidth coverage every room is getting.

By analyzing this, you will be able to know what is the important area where you can set up your Wi-Fi router. 

Step-6: Try Switching to 5GHz

We always do this, we bought a wifi router, installed it and after finishing setup, we never look back at this box. But this box contains plenty of information. Ensure you know your wifi consists of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. 

2.4GHz is enough for desired coverage and bandwidth, but there are countless homes where they use so many electronic devices like Bluetooth, Microwave, etc. 2.4GHz sometimes got too crowded. 

To avoid this, switch your Wi-Fi router to 5GHz by going to the Administrator Panel. Click on both options 2.4GHz and 5GHz (if this option is available).

Step-7: Try Using a Less Crowded Channel

If you live in a crowded neighborhood or apartment and use plenty of the same signals, then please try to avoid those channels. Like there is something that is frequently used in any society. If you choose 5GHz then you can easily get plenty of channels so you can use other channels.

Also, you can easily find an application named WiFi Analyzer on Android to see which channels are frequently used the most.

Step-8: Upgrade YourWi-Fi Router

If you are not getting your fast internet service by paying more, then you can think that the hardware of your router is not working smoothly.

Maybe your router is getting older and not working as a new router, it’s probably high time to upgrade your router. Internet and Wireless Technology have changed a lot in the last decade. So, your router may be a very old version. Many routers (5 or more years old) do not support the new technology.

Step-9: Turn The Old Router Into a Wi-Fi Repeater

Powerline network adapters are always the best option available to extend your wireless network. When you want to extend your wireless network, you have to customize this. 

Step-10: Contact Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If every step goes wrong, please consider calling your ISP. Doing this thing is very frustrating but it will save your future time.

If you have upgraded your Internet package and are using hardware supplied by your Internet package service provider, then they can get the proper hardware for you that fits your needs most. 

If it’s any other serious and important issue, they can usually help to diagnose the problem and give you a solid solution.

Bonus tip for Faster Internet on Wi-Fi Router

Wi-Fi is great, but you need to know that wired connections are faster and more reliable. If you have high-priority devices like a desktop, gaming console, or smart TV, you can plug them into your router with an Ethernet cable instead of relying on Wi-Fi.

In addition

You may need to rethink your Wi-Fi. A mesh network covers everything that easily can develop your Wi-Fi system.

Best wishes to speed up your WiFi router. Thanks for your time in reading this article. 

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